Best Car Seats in 2019 for Babies + Toddlers - Our Fave 5


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Let's be real: there are many ways to parent. Some take a more minimalist approach to baby crap - buying only what is absolutely necessary - while others have three different bottle warmers in their kitchen cupboard. No matter what your parenting style, there's a strong chance that your kid has a carseat. But DANG, folks. Carseats are overwhelming! And expensive! And where do these straps go!?

For that reason, we've rounded up our 5 favorite carseats for your shopping pleasure.

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1.) Chicco KeyFit 30

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Why we love it: In our humble opinion, the Chicco KeyFit 30 is the very best carseat for infants (worth noting: Consumer Reports agrees!) We love it because it's lightweight and can safely tote the tiniest of babes, with a minimum weight requirement of just 4 pounds -- perfect for parents of multiples or NICU grads. It's "bucket seat" structure allows it to click in and out of its base with ease -- meaning you don't have to unbuckle baby to run into Target (especially if that baby is finally asleep.) Another pro? It is so easy to install and adjust the straps. 

Weight range / height range: 4-30 pounds; 30 inches and under

Seat weight: 9 lbs.

Pro tip: Consumer Reports suggests that you stay away from the red color option, as it tends to heat up more quickly than its alternatives. 

Machine Washable Cover? Oh yeah!

Rear or Forward Facing? Rear-facing only.

Price / Buy It: $159. Buy it here on Amazon

2.) UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat - Henry

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Why we love it: This baby (transporter) is easy on the eyes. Couple that with its self-retracting latch system and easy peasy installation, and you've got yourself a winner. It too is designed with preemies in mind, meaning littles can ride snugly and safely. Extra plus? It's the only naturally flame-retardant infant carseat on the market - meaning no toxic chemicals were used to pass federal safety standards.

Weight range / height range: 4-35 pounds / 32 inches and under

Seat weight: 9.9 pounds

Pro tip: If you have any other UPPAbaby products (strollers, etc.), you can almost certainly use this carseat without an adapter.

Machine Washable Cover? No - hand wash recommended.

Rear or Forward Facing? Rear-facing only.

Price / Buy It: $349 - Buy it here on Amazon. Worth noting: The "Jake" model has a more affordable price tag at $299, but doesn't boast the same non-toxic components as the Henry. 

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3.) Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Why we love it:  The ClickTight feature produces an audible click when you tighten straps, so you'll never have to guess if the straps are too loose or tight. It installs easily with clear markers of where things go (nothing worse than sweating and swearing when installing a carseat!) It also has a 10 year lifespan, meaning it can be passed down from kiddo to kiddo.

Weight range / height range: 5-40 pounds (rear-facing); 20-65 pounds (forward facing) / up to 49 inches

Seat weight: 24 lbs.

Machine Washable Cover? Not recommended.

Rear or Forward Facing? Both.

Price / Buy It: $249 (on sale!) Buy it here on Amazon.

4.) Maxi Cosi Pria 70


Why we love it: Why don't they make these things in adult sizes? The Maxi Cosi is just that -- the maximum amount of cozy. Surely that's what the name means, right? But really - these things are padded to the core and also feature a nifty cupholder. It also boasts Air Protect technology for side impact crashes. It's also non-toxic - yeah!

Weight range / height range: 9-40 pounds (rear facing); 22-70 pounds (forward facing) / Up to 52 inches

Seat weight: 18.4 lbs

Pro tip: While most carseats look a little boring, this one comes with a few fun color options. Find the Bohemian Red (clickable link).

Machine Washable Cover? Yes - but from personal experience - don't dry it all the way!

Rear or Forward Facing? Both.

Price / Buy It: Currently on sale for $159 from its normal $250. Buy it here on Amazon.

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5.) Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit Convertible Carseat

Why we love it: Just as the name suggests, the 4Ever is a one-and-done situation: holding both newborns and big kids alike. It's a true convertible in that it can (safely) destruct into both a high-backed and backless booster seat to hold kids up to 120 pounds. The Extend2Fit feature adds an extra 5 inches of legroom for your kiddo. Plus, the 10-year lifespan makes it the very best bang for your buck.

Weight range / height range: 4-40 pounds (rear-facing); 20-65 pounds (forward facing); 30-100 pounds for high-back booster position; 40-120 pounds for backless booster; up to 57 inches tall

Seat weight: 23 pounds

Machine Washable Cover? Oh yeah!

Pro tip: One of our special needs mamas tells us that this seat is super special needs friendly. Awesome!

Rear or Forward Facing? Both.

Price / Buy It: Currently on sale for $314 from its normal $349. Buy it here on Amazon.

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