Fave 5: Backpacks


It's that time - back to school! We've rounded up our Fave 5 backpacks and compared them so that you don't have to.

1. Land's End Backpacks

Land’s End has been a go-to for backpacks ever since the simpler days, when teachers were allowed to give the kids a whack with a ruler to keep them in line. While we don’t condone corporal punishment, we do condone our kids choosing from one of their many fun designs.

Why we love them: They offer a variety of sizes, and you can find informative videos on their website to show exactly what all can fit in each bag. The best part? Land's End guarantees their products for LIFE!  If, in 4 years from now, your little scholar rips his bag from dragging all the way home across the concrete, send it back in for a brand new one. That makes the price tag seem like a steal!


1.) Find on Amazon

2.) Find on LandsEnd (currently running a 50% off promo!)


$40-60, depending on size. Note: LandsEnd is running a 50% off deal with code BACKPACK50.

2.) JanSport

Kids are funny. One minute, their parents' younger days were lame and their fashion choices totally irrelevant, and the next minute, their school day styles are vintage and awesome in a totes ironic hipster way. Whatever, kids! As long as Jncos stay outta the mall, we are good.

Why we love them: These bags were well-made and cool when we were kids, and they still are. I had a friend who carried the same Jansport backpack with his initials on it into his first day of the third grade AND his last exam senior year. Plus, the price is most certainly always in style.

Because who doesn't love watermelon? And also... THE HILLS ARE ALIVE, FOLKS.

Because who doesn't love watermelon? And also... THE HILLS ARE ALIVE, FOLKS.

1.) Find on Jansport's website (with tons of color and pattern options!)
2.) Find  on Amazon (with a sweeter price tag)

Price: $25-$60, depending on size and type

3.) Junlion Laptop backpack with USB Charging Port 

Welcome to the future!  It’s 2018 and our bags can now recharge themselves.

Why we love it: This bag is beautiful and functional. It also makes a great airport bag for mom. One for you, and one for me! Now, that’s the kind of school shopping I can really get behind!

Find it here on Amazon in 5 different color options

Price: $30

4.) SkipHop Insulated Toddler Backpack

If you have a little one, this is the bag for you.  Let’s be real, all they really need to be toting at this age is a drink,a change of clothes and their rad macaroni art masterpiece.

Why we love it: This bag checks all the boxes: it's small enough for your kiddo to wear themselves, has several adorable designs, and the price is right. Plus, did we mention it’s INSULATED? Nobody likes sniffing a sippee cup full of milk and guessing if its spoiled or not, and with this bag you don’t have to. Your baby’s special organic milk is staying fresh all the ding-dong-day.  


1.) Find here on Amazon
2.) Find here on Amazon

Price: $15-$30, depending on design

5.) The Northface Berkeley and Mini-Berkeley

Surely, if we buy our kids a backpack called the Berkeley, they will get into an ivy league college one day? Right? Well, even if that logic falls short, this bag won’t.  

Why we love it: Like everything made by Northface, this bag is tough! If you have a wild child this is the backpack for them. We love that it also can double as a weekend exploring bag.


1.) Find it here on Amazon
2.) Find it here on Amazon

Price: $55-$65

There you have it! Our 5 picks for back-to-school backpacks. Have a favorite that we left out? Leave it in the comments below!