Fave 5: Beauty Products


Most of the gals in our mom tribe aren’t aiming be a beautifully coiffed and contoured Kardashian. We are just trying to look a little less like death warmed-over. We want to give the illusion that we have been getting enough sleep, veggies, and hydration. We just need  the sweet cashier at Chick-fil-a to not be scared into a vow of a childless life when they see the greasy ponytail and bags under our eyes.

If you are like us, and want to get the most bang for the 6 minutes devoted to your beauty regimen between breakin' up kid fights and cleanin' up spilled cereal, this week’s Fave 5 is for you!  Even if you are living the high life with a calm house and all the time your heart desires to primp in the A.M., these products are tried and true. Legit, our go-tos!


1.) Batiste Dry Shampoo

Fave 5 Beauty Dry Shampoo.jpg

If I ever go to prison and have my ride-or-die homie mommies sneak me in one thing, it would be the king sized bottle on Batiste Dry Shampoo. Get it past the guards how you must, ladies! I have obviously been watching too much Orange is the New Black, but that's neither here nor there. I tell everyone who will listen, this is the one beauty/hygiene product I never let myself run out of.

In Middle School, Tammy F. got made fun of for her greasy hair. Poor Tammy. (She’s now a doctor living that sweet life, so don’t feel too bad for her.) Y’all, without my never-ending supply of this miraculous dry shampoo, I AM 12-YEAR-OLD TAMMY F! Leave me alone, middle school bullies!

I don’t get around to washing my hair everyday. Or sometimes, every 3-4 days. BUT! I swear when I spray this goodness on my roots, nobody can tell that I am a walking grease pit!  I can’t stress my deep adoration for this stuff. I would choose it over coffee many a morning, and that’s saying something.

Buy Here on Amazon (White)

Buy here on Amazon (Dark Hair Formula)


2.) Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

Fave 5 Beauty BB Cream.jpg

You’ve got 1.5 minutes to do something with the character from The Walking Dead that is staring at you in the mirror. Some type of lotion potion that promises to get rid of the wrinkles that are already invading? Foundation to cover your blotchy mess of a face? Or sunscreen to prevent all the scary stuff that will definitely happen if you walk outside without being protected? You can do it all in the one-stop-shop that is BB Cream!  Brilliant! Maybe, the makers if this miracle product could invent something for when you can’t decide what part of your dumpster house to clean, am I right?

Smashbox makes the best BB Cream. It lasts all day, has hydration, coverage and SPF! It’s called camera ready, but unless it’s the surveillance camera at Target, this momma is still staying clear of any judgemental cameras on most days. Since it isn’t a full coverage product, you don’t have to spend hours buying and returning shades that don’t perfectly match your skin. You also don’t have to worry about having a mask face from foundation that is too dark or light. It comes in a variety of colors from fair to a true dark, and promises lightweight coverage for all skin tones. If you have time to slap one product on your face, this is definitely the best choice.

Buy here on Amazon (Fair/Light)

Buy here on Amazon (Medium Dark)


3.) Make-Up Forever Mascara

Fave 5 Beauty Mascara.jpg

I have had many a tumultuous relationship with crusty mascaras. I have dealt with false promises of coating my lashes without running down my face or pooling under my eyes. These make-up companies sit on a throne of lies, and should not be trusted.

I had never been monogamous with a mascara until I had a blind date turn long time relationship with a free sample of that magic black goop. I was sad when I went back to Sephora to pursue more commitment with Make-Up Forever Mascara and the sales lady (Is that PC? Should I say Beauty Consultant? Mayor of Make Up?) informed me that a tube of my soulmate mascara runs $25! This purple-haired product pusher obviously doesn’t know that CVS has Maybelline Lush Lash Love mascara for $6. I bit the bullet, because the song blaring on the sound system assured me that “Baby, I’m Worth It.” Turns out Fifth Harmony and the purple princess were correct. I am worth it, and so is this fancy mascara. It lasts so much longer than other brands I’ve used. It stays put. And, it makes me look like I am wearing fake eyelashes, which just so you know, it’s always safe to assume the only thing fake about me is my smile to the school secretary when I’m checking my kids in late for the 3rd time that week.

Treat yo self to this amazing mascara!  You won’t be sad you did!

Buy here on Amazon

4.) Maybelline Super Stay Lip Color

fave 5 Beauty Lipstick.jpg

“Baby, don’t you think you’d feel better if you put a little lipstick on?” That’s a direct quote from every southern grandmother in history. Well, nana may have been onto something. I feel like a Victoria Secret model when I coat my lips with some pink lipstick, but unfortunately only from the chin up. Surely, that lady must have her ish together if she has time to put on lipstick!  Right? Wrong! I lathered that junk on at the red light, and now I feel like a queen. Not quite a Beyonce, but maybe a young Elizabeth.

I have learned the hard way, that more expensive isn’t always better when it comes to lipstick. My very favorite is the Maybelline SuperStay Lip Color. At under $8 a tube, I can go crazy and get several of the over 40 colors they offer. I promise, it for real stays on your lips for the long haul. I can sip my sweet tea and happily kiss my embarrassed children without it coming off. Give it a try, you queen you!

Buy here on Amazon

5.) Benefit Bronzer Hoola

If you have effortlessly tan skin, or magical melanin poppin' color, feel free to skip this part.

Fave 5 beauty bronzer.jpg

Calling all pasty white mommas! If you want to get that J.Lo glow, or at least look a little less like a vamp, you may want to brush some bronzer on that face. I have tried many brands that leave my skin looking uneven and messy.

After using Benefit Hoola Bronzer I look a tad more Despacito diva and a little less nasty toddler playing in the mud. This product gives the perfect hint of color and is so easy to apply. I also love that it comes in a lighter shade for those of us that are too pale to even fake tan cheeks, and just need the smallest hint of color. Benefit products are high quality and the pigment holds strong all throughout the day. This bronzer has been a favorite for years. Give it a go, and also maybe break out some vintage Jennifer Lopez tunes while you’re getting ready. All this bronzer talk has me remembering what a straight STAR she was.

Buy here on Amazon (darker)

Buy here on Amazon (lighter)


Did we miss one of your favorites?  What are your must-have beauty products? Leave them in the comments below!