Watch This: Our Top Picks for Fall Television

Momstrosity TV Picks Fall 2018.jpg

There comes a time in every parent’s day when the kiddos have been tucked in and the wine begins to flow. No matter that said children are screaming underneath the door that they “NEED WATER!!!” -- you’re off the clock, sister! Your give-a-dang is broken and your fluffy bottom isn’t moving from this here sofa.

Though we’d love to tell you that we use those glorious hours post-bedtime to like… meditate or workout, we all know that’s not true. You will probably find us parked in front of our TVs, judge not sweet sisters. Give us something funny and over-the-top, give us a fake family whose drama lets us forget our own, and, FOR THE LOVE, let the freaking Daniel Tiger theme song remove itself from my tired brain.

It’s Primetime Television premiere week, and we’re here to share our favorite shows - and some new ones we’re excited to try out!


If you haven’t met the Pearson family, we would love to introduce you! The children-turned-adults, also referred to as the “Big 3,” take us through their lives in both the present day and their past.  They are real and lovely and wonderfully flawed. We identify with their stories and we feel their pain. Most episodes have us laughing and crying, but every episode has us ready to see what happens next.


We adore a show that makes us feel like we aren’t alone. We love to see a crew that we can identify with, and this comedy fits the bill! Katie Otto and her family moved to the affluent town of Westport, Connecticut, where they stick out like a sore thumb among all the Stepford wives and ritzy families. Katie keeps it unapologetically real with her kids, husbands, and the whole community. She has a sharp tongue and a heart of gold. She is true fellow Momstrosity. We love this lighthearted comedy, and we think you will too!


We know what you’re thinking… THAT SHOW IS STILL ON!? Yes. It is. Somewhat regrettably, for those of us who are invested. We’d be willing to look past the voodoo if they’d just hold a seance to resurrect Derek Shepherd (we all know it wouldn’t be too far off for our girl, Shonda), but it’s looking like that ship has sailed (or truck has crashed? Too soon?) Anyway, we know it’s season #4000, but if you’re like us, you just can’t look away.


This new show looks to be right up our alley!  We love the celebration of single parents, multiculturalism, and the universal struggle with searching to find yourself as an individual person while giving all your have to being parent. It is produced by the same people that brought us “New Girl” and we are hopeful this sitcom will offer the same light quick-witted comedy.


Do you ever think about how much fun it will be to be old?  To get to say and do whatever the heck you want? Act a fool with no real consequences?  We do, and obviously the people over at Fox have had similar ideas. The Cool Kids is a new show that follows a group of older adults who live together in a retirement village. Think Golden Girls meets Friends. These senior citizens are living by their own rules, and their main goal is to keep having fun and live their lives to the fullest. Just thinking about the premise of this show has us giggling. We are gonna raise heck as Momstrosity grannies one day!  


Honesty hour: we weren’t very into this show the first time we saw it. But, after having children, it’s grown on us. Maybe because we so spiritually identify with Bev, the overly-invested, borderline maniacal mother who smothers her children with unrequited love and affection, but that’s neither here nor there. The Goldbergs, in all of their quirkiness, are both highly relatable and loveable -- reminding us that life is made richer by the family that drives us nuts.


Does this show even need an introduction? Modern Family is one of the greatest comedies of our time (does that sound dramatic? Whatever. It’s true.) Following along with the Pritchetts and the Dunphys is one of my favorite past times. Plus, word on the street is that SOMEONE DIES THIS SEASON. Who will it be!?


We looove ourselves some Kristen Bell, and this show has been surprisingly adorable. Now in its third season, The Good Place has taken a plot turn that I’m excited to follow. If you’re looking to binge a show that doesn’t require a lot of head space (e.g., excellent laundry folding material) - The Good Place is a good place to start.


We are huge fans - as we would be with any show that includes Jenna Fischer (Pam from the Office.) The premise: a married couple divorces and continues to coparent. Relatively normal, right? Not so much, because they still live in the same house. Highly entertaining and endearing, this show navigates dating after divorce, parenting teens, and the importance of communication.

Prop up your feet, grab a genetically-modified snack, turn on the TV, and pretend like you don’t hear your little one’s whining about not being able to sleep. What shows are you looking forward to? What are some of your favorites?  If you say, “Dancing With The Stars” please be prepared to defend your case in a heated social media debate.