Moms. Neighbors. Wannabe Sisterwives (without the sex stuff.)

With 8 kids (and counting) between the two of them, next door neighbors Stephanie Hollifield and Eliza Morrill know that mommin' ain't easy. Momstrosity was born from the knowledge that every mother loves her children, but that she also knows that they can be little jerks.

Their blog, podcast, and YouTube channel hope to bring a little laughter and commiseration to all parents.



Stephanie Hollifield is a 33-year-old retired teacher and aspiring pop star, but since she has minimal sense of rhythm and is tone deaf, she is considering selling out and being full time stay at home mom and a part time wine quality control expert. She has five beautiful children, yet has no cultish religious affiliations. Stephanie enjoys keeping a meticulously clean home, raising well-mannered children, and cooking healthy meals for her family. Or the exact opposite of these things. She loves her husband, her community, her family and Jesus. And reality TV.



Eliza Morrill is a 28-year-old wedding photographer and taco connoisseur with a love of all things David Bowie. She is a mother to three children three and under - twin boys and a baby girl; human to a stubborn English bulldog; and wife to a professional arguer. She is notably bad at makeup but does rock a mean top knot, which her mother always refers to as her "mean librarian hairdo."  She is notorious for mishearing song lyrics, pretending her mini van is a race car, and for tripping on things that do not exist. So really, you could call her a modern-day Audrey Hepburn. Except that you can't. She loves Jesus, but she drinks a little.

What people are saying...

I peed laughing!

“Y'all are hysterical. I peed laughing! In a good way, though. Is there a good way to pee laughing?"

— J.L.

The voices of our time!

“Finally, something I can relate to! Stephanie and Eliza tell it like it is and they don't hold back - especially when it's embarrassing. They are the voices of our time!”

— E.J.

Can we be besties!?

“I'm basically obsessed with you. I can't stop laughing. We're already friends in my mind... so, can we be besties!?”

— R.T